Varieties: a decisive factor in the success of organic crops

Posted on 25 sept. 2017 Posted by Morgan ABRAS
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In organic agriculture (OA), the key to success lies in prevention, an area in which the choice of varieties is of paramount importance. Read more

Sieving pig and poultry feed at the CRA-W

Posted on 25 sept. 2017 Posted by José WAVREILLE
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Granulometric analysis is an analytical tool available at the CRA-W to improve the technical and zootechnical qualities of pig and poultry feed. Read more

The linear planner: a tool for sow management on organic farms

Posted on 7 mars 2017 Posted by Xavier KINIF
As a kind of memory tool for the farmer, the linear planner makes it possible to see at a glance what jobs need to be done, organise the work, raise… Read more

Feeding the soil to feed the plants

Posted on 9 juin 2016 Posted by Bernard GODDEN
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To provide answers to the organic sector’s questions about soil fertility CRA-W has performed soil analyses within the BIO2020 farm network to study the soil’s biological activity. Read more

TresoGest for more effective production cost management in organic farming

Posted on 17 mars 2016 Posted by Mary GUILLAUME
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As part of the BIO2020 programme a technico-economic management tool called TresoGest has been designed by CRA-W’s Interdisciplinary Organic Farming Research Unit (CtRAb) to help organic farmers to determine their… Read more

Research into alternative protection methods in organic fruit growing

Posted on 7 janv. 2016 Posted by Alain RONDIA
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Bitter rot is the main fungal disease occurring in stored apples and pears in Western Europe, above all in organic farming where there is currently no product of acknowledged efficacy… Read more

CRA-W takes a close look at the organic poultry sector

Posted on 12 févr. 2015 Posted by Vincent SERVAIS
Since 2007 CRA-W has been involved in a technical and economic monitoring of organic chicken farms in collaboration with Wallonia’s poultry and rabbit sector association (FACW). The aim is to… Read more