Posted on 9 janv. 2013 Posted by Fabienne RABIER
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Easy-to-use software for calculating the estimated cost of use of agricultural equipment. -Rationalise your operating costs -Decision support tool for the purchase of new agricultural equipment -Analyse the return on… Read more

Opticroit tool

Posted on 28 août 2012 Posted by Sylvain HENNART
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The software manages the data for each heifer individually. The growth curve is worked out for each encoded heart girth measurement. The data are stored to monitor heifer development. Read more


Posted on 30 juin 2011 Posted by Vincent SERVAIS
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This module calculates the investment grant to start a pig farm in the open and / or bio and presents the estimated income. Read more


Posted on 1 déc. 2010 Posted by Bernard GODDEN
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Optimalisez les engrais de ferme. à l'échelle de l'exploitation et de la parcelle. Read more


Posted on 12 janv. 2008 Posted by Marc LATEUR
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