Vibrational spectroscopy and chemometrics: training session

23 févr. 2015

For the 9th consecutive year, the CRA-W organises a complete training on vibrational spectroscopy and chemometrics.


Strip-till, half-way between ploughing and no-till

Posted on 16 déc. 2013

Tilling only where the crop will be sown looks like an attractive compromise for Wallonia’s farmers.

Forest soil Phytophthora, a world to be explored

Posted on 8 déc. 2014

For a long time considered to be fungi because of morphological similarities, Phytophthora nevertheless have a very different biology with an as yet relatively unknown diversity, particularly in forest environments.

Towards predictive nitrogen fertilisation recommendations for field crops

Posted on 30 sept. 2013

Through its participation in the Interreg IV ‘SUN’ project (Sustainable Use of Nitrogen) CRA-W has played a part in giving Wallonia’s farmers a dynamic new tool, called AzoFert®, for predictive…