Vibrational spectroscopy and chemometrics: training session

23 févr. 2015

For the 9th consecutive year, the CRA-W organises a complete training on vibrational spectroscopy and chemometrics.


Looking ahead to reduce herbicide use

Posted on 1 août 2013

Bindweed, silky apera, wild oats ... don’t they have pretty names, those weeds that gardeners and farmers struggle so hard to control! They compete mercilessly with cultivated plants. Yield losses…

Hybrid oilseed rape varieties become reality

Posted on 12 févr. 2015

Since the renewal of interest in oilseed rape growing in Wallonia that began in the early nineteen eighties, breeding has been characterised by a series of significant innovations in productivity…

A new stress factor in honey bees

Posted on 8 déc. 2014

Within the framework of the Maya Plan, a study was conducted by CRA-W and CARI (Centre Apicole de Recherche et d’Information) at Walloon apiaries to investigate two potential factors in…