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Plantation requirements

The dwarfing sweet cherry rootstock Damil® (GM61/1) for intensive orchards and home gardens.


  • Choice of a frost free site
  • Soil must be free of waterlogging and fertile, with a regular water delivery
  • Plantation distances: 3 à 3,5 m, 574 trees/ha minimum
  • Stake  is optional during the first years after plantation
  • Spindle tree management
  • Summer pruning exclusively
  • Phytoprotection against the bacterial canker (Pseudomonona morsprunorum and syringae) and the monilia (Monilia laxa)

Frost resistance

Damil® belongs among the dwarfing rootstocks to the most tolerant to growth environmental conditions. The growth of sweet cherry trees is strongly linked to the variety and to the soil conditions.