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DECiDE innovates by incorporating agricultural accounting data!

DECiDE innovates by incorporating agricultural accounting data!

You can now estimate your farm’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and storage and energy consumption and supply using the automated system that imports farm accounting data into the DECiDE tool developed by the CRA.-W.

To meet the demands of the European climate energy package, Belgium aims to reduce its GHG emissions by 15% by 2020.

According to sectoral inventories, Walloon agriculture contributes 12% of GHG emissions. However, the GHG emissions and energy consumption of agricultural systems are highly variable and are heavily dependent on farm types and farming practices.


The aim of the ENERGES project was to define the Walloon agrarian systems in terms of energy consumption and GHG emissions. It was also a matter of developing reference points that enabled farmers to identify improvement measures for their farm by comparing them with farms of similar structure, working under similar pedoclimatic conditions.

The first step was to develop a solid basis of comparison that included a high enough number and sufficiently wide variety of farms. This kind of reference system called for the automatisation and standardisation of data collection from the accounts available in Wallonia, adapted where necessary.

The CRA-W, the AWE (Walloon Breeding Association) and the DAEA (Directorate of Agriculture and Economic Analysis) worked together to meet the objectives set by this project.

So an automated module was developed, importing the accounting data into the encoding forms of DECiDE (a tool for estimating the GHG and energy consumption balances of farms).

To enable the encoded farms to compare their results with others of the same type, a typology was introduced into the DECiDE tool. In order to validate this typology and provide sufficiently robust comparisons, it was necessary to set up a pool of reference farms. Project partners have provided datasets for 100 farms. Approximately 60% of the farms are currently encoded. The checking and addition of missing data are ongoing.


It is therefore now possible to use agricultural accounting data to pre-fill the DECiDE tool and estimate the GHG and energy balances of a farm. It will soon be possible to compare the assessment results obtained for a farm with the average assessment results of farms of the same type.


Calculate the energy and GHG assessments for a farm by visiting http://decide.cra.wallonie.be/fr


Project subsidised by the SPW, convention n° D37-7078

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