Everything you wanted to know about food authenticity

Everything you wanted to know about food authenticity

The FARNhub platform provides comprehensive food authenticity information and a range of tools to help combat food fraud, making it a vital resource for everyone involved in food authentication – researchers, analysts, inspectors, legal experts, project managers and news publishers alike.

The Food Authenticity Research Network Hub (FARNHub) is an online portal that provides an overview of the latest country- and sector-specific food authenticity resources. 

Food authentication involves checking that food is authentic – in other words, that its actual characteristics match its description. The portal features scientific articles, reports, projects, online databases, news items, details of research and development funding organisations, and food authentication laws and regulations. The application was developed by the CRA-W in conjunction with the Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (NOFIMA) and a network of partners under the European Authent-Net project. FARNHub is available at the following address: http://farnhub.authent.cra.wallonie.be/. Because the hub is open-access by design, its content is available to all potential users, from manufacturers and inspection bodies, to research institutes, funding organisations and decision-making centres. Users can get information about funded research projects, ongoing initiatives, existing structures, applicable laws and regulations, and food authentication and fraud detection priorities per country or per product category. 

There is also a map (http://www.authent-net.eu/AN_FARNH_click_map.html) that provides statistics about the number of publications, projects and news items, with links to national or sector-specific expert panel reports stored in the FARNHub database.

Users can suggest updates or additions by writing to farnhub@cra.wallonie.be. A network of national Authent-Net project representatives has been set up to approve new entries and update the database.


Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) project no. 696371, funded by the EU H2020 Programme and coordinated by the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA, UK).

For more information, go to: http://www.authentnet.eu

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