30 September 2013
31 October 2015

Infrared spectroscopy serving research and industry

Infrared spectroscopy is widely and successfully used in research and industry as a simple, reliable method for measuring and controlling product quality.

Infrared spectroscopy serving research and industry

It owes its success to a number of factors, such as rapid measurement, multiple analysis capability and the trend for instruments to become steadily smaller, more accessible and more portable. Moreover, thanks to developments in computer science and the application of increasingly sophisticated chemometric techniques, data processing and interpretation of results have become almost automatic and instantaneous.

CRA-W has contributed significantly to the success of infrared spectroscopy for years. Eight years ago the Centre’s expertise was applied to setting up an annual training course in the various aspects of vibrational spectroscopy and chemometrics. More than 150 people have already taken part in the training, which attracts researchers from different disciplines as well as industry players looking for suitable tools to meet their requirements. Also, various conferences, workshops, demonstrations, etc. are regularly held to disseminate the latest progress in infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics and to present new applications. 

On 27 March this year, as part of the European QSaffe project, a NIR platform workshop was run by CRA-W at Gembloux. Some 75 industry stakeholders and researchers came along to find out about the latest technological innovations in near infrared instrumentation, presented by the industry’s leading manufacturers. Various applications developed by CRA-W researchers were also presented, covering topics ranging from predicting the quality criteria of agricultural products to detecting contaminants, chemometrics and instrument networks management.