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18 September 2018

The CRA-W participates in the development of machinery in Wallonia ...

The CRA-W participates in the development of machinery in Wallonia ...

The CRA-W has always worked closely with the various players in the agricultural machinery sector. Even today, the CRA-W provides expertise in the selection of innovative products. It is also the main partner in the organisation of major events and demonstrations of equipment.

Agribex, the international agricultural fair in Brussels, organises a competition at each round. There are prizes for the most outstanding innovations in the animal, vegetable and garden & green space sectors. The jury for the vegetable sector includes representatives from the CRA-W. Their job is to consider the relevance of the various technical dossiers and assess the novelties put forward. In 2017, the jury selected five winners, who received gold and silver awards.

Potato Europe is an international open-air fair devoted entirely to potatoes. The CRA-W, a Fedagrim partner, organises demonstrations from the uprooting of potatoes to their unloading and sorting. Its role is to create planting schemes, prepare harvesting areas for the different machines and, above all, to assist in the smooth running of the various demonstrations during the two days.

Every year, the CRA-W chairs the selection committee of the Mechanic Show at the Libramont Agricultural, Forestry and Agribusiness Fair, which is the biggest outdoor fair in Europe. In this event, it actively participates in the selection of the latest developments to be presented, and in the running and presentation of the demonstrations. It also plays a leading role in the organisation of the Journée de l’Herbe, (Grass Day), which takes place every four years. The field work consists, first, in the preparation of the different plots required for the demonstrations (crop monitoring, delimitation of parcels according to the type of machine) and ensuring the smooth running of the day (safety, adherence to timing, presentation of machines, ...). The second part is concerned with compiling the catalogue, which contains all the technical characteristics of the machines presented during the day (108 in this year's event).

Finally, we would like to add that each year, in collaboration with various partners (pilot centres, Provinces, associations, etc.), the CRA-W organises demonstration days for specific agricultural equipment, depending on requests and our trials: beetroot and chicory technical days, the Organic interprofessional day, and the spraying of organic matter with Protect'eau.

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