18 Octobre 2016

Les publications du CRA-W






Allegrini, F. , Fernández Pierna, J.A. , Fragoso, W.D. , Olivieri, A.C. , Baeten, V. & Dardenne, P. (2016). Regression models based on new local strategies for near infrared spectroscopic data. Analytica Chimica Acta, 933: 50-58.


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Colignon, B. , Delaive, E. , Dieu, M. , Demazy, C. , Muhovski, Y. , Wallon, C. , Raes, M. & Mauro, S. (2016). Proteomics analysis of the endogenous, constitutive, leaf SUMOylome. Journal of Proteomics,


Kacem NS. , Mauro, S. , Muhovski Y. , Delporte, F. , Renaut J. , Djekoun A. & Watillon, B. (2016). Diagonal two-dimensional electrophoresis (D-2DE): a new approach to study the effect of osmotic stress induced by polyethylene glycol in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.). Molecular Biology Reports,


Rasinger, JD , Marbaix, H. , Dieu, M. , Fumière, O. , Mauro, S. , Palmblad, M , Raes, M. & Berntssen, MHG (2016). Species and tissues specific differentiation of processed animal proteins in aquafeeds using proteomics tools. Journal of Proteomics,


Vanrobays, M.L. , Bastin, C. , Vandenplas, J. , Hammami, H. , Soyeurt, H. , Vanlierde, A. , Dehareng, F. , Froidmont, E. & Gengler, N. (2016). Changes throughout the lactation in the phenotypic and genetic correlations between methane emissions and milk fatty acid contents predictecd from milk mid-infrared spectra. Journal Dairy Science, 7247, 60.






Mathot, M. , Decruyenaere, V. , LAMBERT, R. & Stilmant, D. (2016). Deep litter removal frequency rate influences on greenhouse gas emissions from barns for beef heifers and from manure stores Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 233, 94-105.



Douny, C. , Razanakolona, R. , Ribonnet, L. , Milet, J , Baeten, V. , Rogez, H. , Scippo, M.L. , Larondelle, Y. & Laron (2016). Linseed oil presents different paterns of oxidation in real-time and accelerated aging assays. Food Chemistry, 208: 111-115.



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Lecrenier, M.C. , Marbaix, H. , Dieu, M. , Veys, P. , Saegerman, C. , Raes, M. & Baeten, V. (2016). Identification of specific bovine blood biomarkers with a non-targeted approach using HPLC ESI tandem mass spectrometry. Food Chemistry, 213: 417-424.


Abid G , Mhamdi M , Mingeot, D. , Aouida M , Aroua I , Muhovski Y. , Sassi K , Souissi F. , Mannai K. & Jebra M (2016). Effect of drought stress on chlorophyll fluorescence, antioxidant enzyme activities and gene expression patterns in faba bean (Vicia faba L.). Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science,


Yang, Z. , Han, L. , Wang, C. , Li, J. , Fernández Pierna, J.A. , Dardenne, P. & Baeten, V. (2016). Detection of melamine in soybean meal using near-infrared microscopy imaging with pure component spectra as the evaluation criteria. Journal of Spectroscopy, in press:

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