About The CRA-W

Walloon Agricultural Research Centre

CRA-W maintains extensive contacts with farmers, horticulturalists, businesses, universities and research centres in Belgium and abroad. It thus takes part in numerous European, national and regional research projects. The Centre's active presence in development assistance is further proof of its international stature. The CRA-W's work is recognised through the appointment of its researchers to advise national and international organisations, the certifications gained in recent years and the designation of some of its Units as reference laboratories.

The range of services and analyses provided by the Centre covers all aspects of agriculture.

As a multidisciplinary research institution, CRA-W is above all a big team of nearly 500 competent, motivated people. Its facilities cover an area of more than 300 ha of experimental fields, orchards, glasshouses, laboratories, etc. at Gembloux, Libramont and Mussy-la-Ville.

The Centre's new structure provides a consistent framework and brings together teams with extensive and complementary know-how.


  • Society
  • Farmers, horticulturalists and other players in these sectors
  • Private individuals
  • Government departments and authorities
  • Businesses
  • Universities and research centres
Date of update 28 mai 2015