About The CRA-W

Walloon Agricultural Research Centre - CRA-W
Founded in 1872, the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA W) is a scientific establishment under the Regional Government of Wallonia.

Regionalised on 1 October 2002, the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre, now a public-interest organisation, is the only public agricultural research centre run by the Region (Regional Government of Wallonia decree dated 3 July 2003 - Moniteur Belge 18.07.2003

Visions and Values

A public institution like CRA-W must maintain and develop the scientific excellence and societal usefulnessthat legitimize it as a special contributor to the sustainable development of the agricultural industry in Wallonia in its economic, ecological and cultural dimension.

CRA-W's scientific excellence, social usefulness, efficient organisation and good human relations will provide a strong framework for cohesion and converge towards universally enhancing global dynamics.

To address today'’s questions and to prepare tomorrow’'s challenges

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Gembloux, Libramont et Mussy-la-ville

300 ha

Trial fields, orchards, greenhouses, laboratories, etc,...

3 missions

Applied and basic short - and medium - term scientific research

Services to beneficiaries in the agricultural and agri-food sector


Perspective view on the development of agriculture and livestock farming

Who for ?


  • Crop and livestock producers/market gardeners/foresters
  • Operators in the agri-food sector
  • The citizens and public authorities


  • Universities, colleges, research centres
  • Extensions training and public information operators
  • Public authorities and administrations

What for ?

  • To perform innovative scientific research
  • To offer professional, effective services
  • To build creative forward thinking

How ?

  • Through a multidisciplinary approach within to common and concerted research objectives with beneficiaries and partners
  • Listening to beneficiaries and partners to meet their expectations and benefit from their experience and knowledge
  • In a continuous improvement approach, the research outcomes improve the quality of services for beneficiaries and boost innovation

An organisation combining research, service and support functions which, together, respond to external demands and offers answers, analyses, material, advice and expertise

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CRA-W's mission is to conduct basic and applied research for the benefit of the agricultural and agri-food sectors

4 main research fields

Precision agriculture

Combining state-of-the-art methods and technologies to make the right choice, at the right time, in the right place, with the right input and at the right dose

Precision livestock farming

Ensuring a balance between profitability and consumer expectations and integrating livestock farming better into ecosystems

Risk management

Eliminating, controlling and preventing risks

Understanding products

Understanding material, knowing what it contains, detecting unwanted substances

Between 100 and 120 research projects permanently in progress

All cra-w research helps achieve the objectives set by the strategic plan for agricultural research in wallonia

The 5 objectives for research


Viable farms integrated into living rural communities

An agriculture seeking to meet public expectations in terms of consumer health, animal welfare and the environment

An agriculture and forestry actively responding to the effects of global warming

An agriculture and forestry active in the development of a biobased economy

Research results useful to and usable by the beneficiaries

[ Services ]

Long lasting service activities

Stable activities, not time-limited. provided in support of beneficiaries and actors in the agricultural sector and in research (cra-w or other institutions).

iso 17025 labs

Technical competence of test laboratories

iso 17043 lab

Organisation of proficiency tests (eurl-ap interlaboratory tests)

glp labs

Good laboratory practices (plant protection products)

Cpvo recognised service

Community plant variety office for evaluation of cereals: dhs testing (distinctiveness, uniformity and stability)

iso 17020 service

Inspection body competence: sprayer inspection service

Date of update 28 May 2015