Agriculture and sustainability Unit

This unit considers the future of the farming sector in the light of the major societal challenges. It incorporates data from various sources to assess the sustainability and resilience of Walloon agriculture at farm, sectoral and area level. The unit seeks to mobilise the relevant stakeholders for the purpose of co-building potential development and transition scenarios for the agri-food sector.


Providing local stakeholders and decision-makers with information for their strategic options in order to build a sustainable and resilient agriculture for now and in the future.


Undertaking multi-criteria analyses in order to produce an overall assessment of the environmental, social and economic impact of our production methods at farm and local level.


Designing life-cycle analysis tools, using impact factors specific to our production methods, in order to quantify the environmental performance of regional products.


Assessing the profitability of crop managing techniques and innovative farming systems and finding out which strategies offer the best resilience.


Using prospective analysis to investigate what the future may hold in store for the Walloon farming sector, in order to anticipate and shape changes to our production methods in the light of societal expectations.

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