Chemometric contest at "Chimiométrie 2005": a discrimination study

  • Fernández Pierna, J.A. , Dardenne, P. & Fernández Pierna, J.A. (2007). Chemometric contest at "Chimiométrie 2005": a discrimination study. Chemom. Intell. Lab. Syst. 86: (2), 219-223.
Type Journal Article
Year 2007
Title Chemometric contest at "Chimiométrie 2005": a discrimination study
Journal Chemom. Intell. Lab. Syst.
Label U15-0729-Fernandez-2007
Edition Journal Article
Recnumber 337
Volume 86
Issue 2
Pages 219-223
Date 15/04/2007
Endnote keywords Di-Chimiométrie
Endnote Keywords discrimination|SVM|mid-infrared|Starch|chemometric|
Abstract Due to the success of the chemometric challenge organized within the framework of the congress 'Chimiométrie 2004', [1] the organisation committee decided to re-launch the idea for the 2005 edition ( held in Lille, France (30th November and 1st December) by proposing through its website another data set. This data set was selected in order to test the ability of the participants for using discrimination methods based on IR data for the classification of starches according to the type of chemical modification undergone. As the previous edition, the participants were asked to present during the conference their own approaches. The committee received only two answers, which shows the difficulties that the other participants found by using this data set. This paper summarizes the two approaches proposed by the participants and the proposed approach of the authors.
Author address Fernandez Pierna Juan Antonio, Quality Department of Agro-food Products, Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA-W), Chaussée de Namur, 24, B-5030 Gembloux,
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Authors Fernández Pierna, J.A., Dardenne, P., Fernández Pierna, J.A.

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