01 January
31 December 2022

150 years of the CRA-W innovate video capsule

Innovating for ethical and sustainable animal production

Mobilise knowledge in new fields, develop and successfully put into practice novelties in the field of agricultural animal husbandry, stimulate reflection, lead initiatives, produce knowledge and provide tools for good action in production animals, these are the words that guide the CRA-W in its research activities dedicated to in animal production.

CRA-W experimental farm, a powerful tool

Since the construction of the experimental farm in the 1950s, CRA-W has nurtured the scientific research while integrating essential compromises between food production of animal origins (quantity, quality and added value), protection of the environment (impacts of livestock on the environment, adaptation of animals to climate change) and well-being of animals and breeders (protection of animals, interactions between animals, human-animal relations, organisation and perception of work).

Participatory research

CRA-W conducts these approaches through its functional supports, ruminant and monogastric herds, but also from approaches calling on breeders and operators within the sectors to articulate developments in the economic and social world. This participatory construction which associates research, development and training, but also inventors and users, aims for success.

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