01 October 2008
30 June 2009


VALOR, a data-processing tool to optimize the organics and mineral fertilisation management of agricultural systems in Wallonia


In the framework of various actions carried out in the Walloon Region, in particular with the “Plan de Gestion Durable de l’Azote” (PGDA – Program for durable of nitrogen management) in agriculture, the plans “Air et Pluie” (Air and Rain), the Natura 2000 program, the outcome of differentiated agricultural sectors (integrated farming, organic agriculture, quality labels), the zones with high carrying capacity are directly threatened in their own profitability and durability. Animal productions cannot be maintained or developed in the Walloon Region without taking into consideration the agricultural land area. The production of manure is important in quantity, unfortunately it is often poorly taken into account by farmers and has for consequences: wasting (fertilising elements and economic loss), pollution (air, water...) and harmful effects (odours). Researchers helped by farmers associations decided to develop a business data processing tool to manage the organics and mineral fertilisation of farms: VALOR.


The objectives of VALOR are to propose to Walloon farmers a powerful, reliable tool optimizing the economic result of the fertilisation of its crops with the respect of environmental regulations, (soils, climate, agricultural productions and practices) at the farm or the field level.

The spatialization of this information at the field level makes it possible to include the non-productive elements such as hedges, ponds, brooks... because they are involved in manure spreading limitations. 

Traditional traceability used in the Belgian animal sector as well at the regional or at the national level is already very well organized. 

VALOR offers to this traceability scheme new elements of traceability allowing the identification of events located upstream of the livestock production.

Finally, VALOR is a software intended for the whole of the agricultural world (farmers, technicians...). It will advantageously be used by the Requasud network.

Results obtained

The strength point of this software is its ability to produce advices about predictive use of manure at farm level. It establishes a "global fertilisation plan" by providing several practical solutions adapted to the farm. It allows including possible adjustments suggested by the farmer according to relevant soil or crop criteria. The farmer has the ability to realize an assessment of its agricultural practices and to measure the possible environmental impacts of his exploitation.


  • Development of the applications software. 
  • Integration of the agronomic research results in the database. 
  • Validation of the application in forms.


  • Agra-Ost (St-Vith)
  • Association Wallonne de l’Elevage (Walloon Breeding Association).

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