Ascorbic acid level of Belgian apple genetic resources.

  • Planchon, V. , Lateur, M. , Dupont, P. & Lognay, G. (2004). Ascorbic acid level of Belgian apple genetic resources. Sci. Hortic. 100: (1-4), 51-61.
Type Journal Article
Year 2004
Title Ascorbic acid level of Belgian apple genetic resources.
Journal Sci. Hortic.
Label 180
Recnumber 189
Volume 100
Issue 1-4
Pages 51-61
Date Mar 19
Endnote Keywords ascorbic acid, genetic resources, apple, maturity|performance liquid-chromatography|
Abstract With the help of the public, a wide collection of old apple cultivars (cvs) was established progressively at our Department from 1975 onwards. Currently, more than 1400 apple accessions are being maintained and three quarters of them are subjected to field evaluation for disease resistance and agronomic characters. This paper presents results of the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) contents of old cvs combining interesting disease resistance and agronomic features in order to promote them as cvs adapted to production systems which are more environmentally friendly or to be used as parents in breeding programmes. First, a methodological study shows the importance of the variability of ascorbic acid content depending on fruit position in the trees, fruit size, fruit skin colour and maturity stage. Statistical analyses show that the sample size of six fruits per cv is sufficient to detect a difference of 20% between cvs. Old apple cvs such as Grenadier(RGF), Transparente de Croncels, Bramley's Seedling, Reinette des Capucins, Reinette Libotte and Reinette de Waleffe contain three and seven times more ascorbic acid than the commercial cvs Gala and Elstar, respectively. The paper highlights the need to evaluate the rich potential in our genetic resources. (C) 2003 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Notes V.P.
Author address Agr Res Ctr Gembloux, Dept Biol Control & Plant Genet Resources, B-5030 Gembloux, Belgium; Agr Res Ctr Gembloux, Unit Biometry Data Management & Agrometeorol, B-5030 Gembloux, Belgium; Gembloux Agr Univ, Unit Gen & Organ Chem, B-5030 Gembloux, Belgium LAT
Authors Planchon, V., Lateur, M., Dupont, P., Lognay, G.