Biodiversity and plant and forest improvement Unit

This unit's seeks to improve agricultural and forest biodiversity by creating new plant varieties that are better adapted to the needs of producers and society's expectations.


Promoting genetic resources to create new agricultural and forest varieties likely to meet the needs of Walloon farming and forest sectors.


Improving species by creating new varieties to meet, within the framework of environmental and social criteria, the requirements in terms of productivity, adaptability to soil and climate conditions, long-term resistance to diseases and pests, and industrial, technological and health constraints (including non-food use: energy, pharmaceuticals, horticulture and forestry, ...).


Developing strategies to guarantee the protection, sustainable conservation and improve the resilience of existing biological resources (including forests) and tools for assessing the biodiversity of both cultivated and natural environments (biochemical and genetic markers, phenotypic data, ...).


Identifying and analysing the most suitable forest sources for the Walloon forest sector.


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