Coordination and Strategy Office

The Coordination and Strategy Office plays a cross-disciplinary role within the CRA-W. On a day-to-day basis, the DCS assists the General Director in devising strategies for carrying out the official's tasks.
It designs, promotes and implements a policy of continuous quality improvement for support functions and agricultural professions.
It also designs and develops the CRA-W's communication strategy, provides cross-disciplinary support and ensures the coordination of the Pilot Centres, the REQUASUD network and organic farming research.

Improvement and Quality Branch (IQB)

The Improvement and Quality Branch provides for the development and maintenance of Quality Systems throughout the CRA-W, according to the needs of the research teams and support services.

The reference systems ISO 17025 (test/analysis laboratories), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), ISO 17020 (inspection service), ISO 17043 (organisation of proficiency tests), GEP (Good Experimental Practice) and CPVO (Community Plant Variety Office) are currently applied in different departments.

The IQB is also required to participate in maximising the effectiveness of the CRA-W as a whole by incorporating all the various management systems (quality, environment, health, data security,...).

Improvement and Quality Branch

Communication Service

The Communication Service designs and develops the CRA-W's communication strategy in order to provide information to its partners and customers and to ensure the transfer and dissemination of its findings to its various target groups (politicians, scientists, farmers,...).

It also creates, develops and supplies input for the various communication tools.

Communication Service

Pilot Centres Support Unit

The Pilot Centres Support Unit is responsible for facilitating a closer coordination of the Pilot Centres' activities. It aims to develop complementary relations and collaborative initiatives between those involved in training and extension services for the Walloon agricultural production sectors.

The Support Unit provides assistance in developing a common IT platform ( for the benefit of users and for closer inter-platform interaction.

Pilot Centres Support Unit

Support Unit for the non-profit organisation Réseau Qualité Sud (REQUASUD)

REQUASUD's network of laboratories has helped to maintain and improve a high-performance analysis and advisory tool, designed to provide assistance to farmers and the agri-food sector in managing their output and businesses.

The REQUASUD Support Unit works together with the reference laboratories to organise inter-laboratory tests, develop and validate the centralised database, and oversee all the cross-disciplinary projects in the network.

Support Unit for the non-profit organisation Réseau Qualité Sud (REQUASUD)

Transversal Research Unit in Organic Agriculture (CtRAb)

The CtRAb coordinates the research component of the Strategic Plan for the Development of Organic Farming in Wallonia.

The cross-disciplinary mission of the CRA-W's CtRAb is to establish an organic farming research programme based on the needs of the sector, taking into account existing work and skills in the Walloon Region and elsewhere, and to monitor its progress.

Cross-disciplinary Organic Farming Research Unit