Crop production Unit

The Crop production Unit carries out research and service activities in the agricultural sector focused on the study of different combinations of production systems (varieties, inputs, mechanisation, ...) and their impact on production in order to form optimum and innovative growing plans, while taking into account the need for environmental protection and sustainability.


Developing a sustainable and resilient system of farming in order to provide quality plant products while taking into account environmental protection, climate change and resource shortages.


Providing references and expertise to professionals in the case of machinery, field crops (including forage resources, associated crops or intercrops), diversification crops, specialist crops or horticultural crops, for various types of crop management (e.g. organic, conservation, conventional, ...).


Helping to develop and fine-tune decision support tools and systems: recommendation systems for nitrogen fertilization and monitoring the nitrogen status of biomass, global management systems for nitrogen fertilization of field crops, a tool for calculating the cost of using agricultural equipment, pest development models, …


Assessing and description of varieties, as the primary instrument for meeting the expectations of both the sector and the general public (maintaining production levels, improving efficiency, reducing the use of inputs, adapting to climate change, ...).


Streamlining technical and economic methods used for mechanisation, while taking into account the need for better environmental protection and technical options to ensure sustainable farming.


Harnessing technology (innovative tools or techniques) to meet current and future agricultural challenges.


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