General Director

The General Director (GD) is responsible for the overall coordination of the CRA-W's (Walloon Agricultural Research Centre) business and support activities. It develops and implements research and organisation strategies in cooperation with the members of the Board of Directors (BD).

The official represents the CRA-W in dealings with authorities and partners, such as research and management bodies, as well as representatives of the agricultural and agri-food sector.

The Deputy General Director (DVD) lends support to the GD in performing the latter's various tasks, deputising for the GD when the official is absent and coordinates the Central Services Department.

The Office of the General Director' Secretariat is in charge of science-based public procurement

In the case of science-based public procurement, and working together with the Logistics Office, which is responsible for non-science-based PP, the GD's Secretariat

  • Lends support to the Office of the General Director and CRA-W departments preparing contract documents and in choosing the procedures to be applied;

  • Examines the legality of the public procurement procedures submitted for its consideration;

  • Submits the special specifications as well as the allocation documentation for the approval of the Inspectorate General of Finance and the minister responsible.;

  • Advises and follows up cases in the event of disputes both during the award and implementation of public procurement contracts, acting as a relay between the CRA-W and the SPW (Public Service of Wallonia);

  • Informs the Office of the General Director and the departments about new regulations applicable to public procurement;

  • Develops standard documents in order to standardise CRA-W's contracting procedures;

  • Is also responsible for training CRA-W staff as regards public procurement regulations.

Office of the general directors secretariat

Coordination and Strategy Office

The Coordination and Strategy Office (CSO) plays a cross-disciplinary role within the CRA-W.

It lends support to the General Director on a daily basis in formulating strategies for implementing the CRA-W's tasks*. It provides cross-disciplinary support while coordinating the pilot centres, the REQUASUD network and organic farming research activities.

It designs, promotes and implements a policy of continuous quality improvement for support functions and agricultural professions.

Lastly, it devises and develops the CRA-W's communication strategy.

Coordination and strategy office

Internal Prevention and Protection Service

The IPPS oversees the safety, health and hygiene requirements of workers when carrying out their work*.

*(Law on well-being in the workplace - 4 August 1996 and the Royal Decrees of 27 March 1998 concerning internal and external prevention and protection services).

Internal prevention and protection service

Management control

The management controller establishes and monitors the CRA-W budget. He or she supervises all book-keeping operations and provides technical support on financial and accountancy matters to the different departments within CRA-W. The controller also takes charge of treasury management.

Management control

Internal audit

The internal auditor ensures that CRA-W has adequate control of its operations and offers advice to improve these, while contributing to added value. He or she helps CRA-W accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, methodical approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. He or she acts fully independently and objectively.

Internal audit

Confidential counsellors

Confidential counselling is available if you feel harassed, have psychological difficulties (burnout, post-traumatic stress, depression, returning to work after a long illness, suicide attempt,...), if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • A conflict with a colleague;
  • Stress at work;
  • Workplace violence;
  •  A drinking problem at work;
  • Sexual and moral harassment.

Or if you just feel the need for a sympathetic ear.

Confidential counsellors are bound by professional secrecy while operating on an independent basis.

Confidential counsellors