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28 September 2020

The CRA-W launches its "Ducasse"


In May 2020, the CRA-W received a "Community Plant Variety Protection Certificate" issued by the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO/OCW) for a second apple variety resulting from the CRA-W improvement programme.

This programme is based on the dynamic enhancement of old Walloon varieties used as parents because of their characteristics of tolerance to diseases, robustness and, finally, taste and nutritional qualities.  This is a selection, resulting from the cross between the old Walloon variety ‘Reinette Libotte’ – a subtype of the ‘Reine des Reinettes’ and the ‘Rubinola’ variety, a complex hybrid – possessing the Vf gene of resistance to common strains of scab. 

It was selected through a participatory selection process, both cross-border with arborists in Organic Agriculture, in partnership with the Hauts-de-France Regional Centre for Genetic Resources (CRRG) and with the Association of Arborists practising Integrated Techniques in Wallonia (GAWI).  Distribution in Belgium and France of this new variety is done exclusively through the regional producer groups: the ‘GAWI’ (PFI) and ‘NOVAFRUITS’ (BIO).

Ducasse’ represents all the joviality after the hard work, friendliness, spirit of collaboration and rich flavours of Wallonia.

In addition to its disease tolerance and its regular production, it particularly excels by its taste qualities which combine aromas, good acid/sweet balance, and above all, very high ability to maintain its organoleptic qualities after many months of preservation.

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