08 June 2021

Feedback of a partner of the CRA-W

Chemometric Brain and CRA-W, an essential alliance to apply chemometrics in food quality control

When we, at Blendhub - the first global network for food production through multi-localised production hubs -, started working with NIR technology for quality control of raw materials and ingredients for the food industry, we knew we had to partner with the best to achieve our goals.


We were looking for more information about ingredients blends through easy and non-destructive analysis, and we chose CRA-W as a high-level research centre in spectroscopy to find the technique that would provide us with the best and most accurate information. Thus, in 2013 we started a joint research project that helped us develop Chemometric Brain, a proprietary NIR-based quality software, a pioneering tool in the food industry as it is the only one based in the cloud, which facilitates the control and analysis of samples from different devices and locations.


Chemometric Brain was originally created as proprietary software of Blendhub and in January 2020, it separated into a completely independent organization due to significant interest from many organizations in the sector to adopt the technology into their own companies.  


CRA-W has been essential in the evolution of our software and the samples analysis. They have provided us with the necessary knowledge and advice to apply chemometrics and spectroscopic analysis to our products, mainly powder-based products, for which there were initially no spectral libraries.

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