NIR news 2014 Data Analysis Challenge: results

  • Fernández Pierna, J.A. & Vermeulen, P. (2015). NIR news 2014 Data Analysis Challenge: results. NIR News, 26: (3), 11-15.
Type Journal Article
Year 2015
Title NIR news 2014 Data Analysis Challenge: results
Journal NIR News
Label U15-1731-Dardenne-2015
Recnumber 20
Volume 26
Issue 3
Pages 11-15
Abstract You will remember, I am sure, the challenge which we set you in the last issue of 2014 dedicated to the memory of Jim Burger. This used a dataset supplied by Juan Antonio Fernández Pierna and Philippe Vermeulen of CRA-W, Belgium, a dataset which they had actually generated and used in a real application. Somewhat to our disappointment, we only received two responses to our challenge, and neither of the scientists involved belong to our normal NIR community. They were Xavier Hadoux and Taylor Glenn. However, it seems that they have added to the repertoire of strategies and methods available to imaging NIR spectroscopists since some of the approaches they used were not familiar to the CRA-W scientists. The approaches taken together with the reported results are described and discussed in this article. Given that we only had the two applicants and they both produced interesting and improved solutions, we have decided to award the prize jointly–Ed.
Authors Fernández Pierna, J.A., Vermeulen, P.