Quality and authentication of agricultural products Unit

Implementing and validating various operations with a view to being a dynamic, innovative and sustainable research player committed to the quality and authentication of agricultural and agri-food products. The unit also seeks to boost the Walloon agri-food sectors by improving the quality, traceability and typicality of their products, focusing in particular on products from the short distribution and organic sectors.


Developing and applying knowledge, analytical methods and innovative tools to ensure product quality and authentication.


Developing knowledge in the field of agri-food product quality and authentication


Participating in the European Research Area (ERA).


Ensuring a technological and analytical watch in the field of molecular biology, chemometrics, bioinformatics, imaging, database management, microbiology, microscopy and vibrational spectroscopy.


Lending support to the agricultural and food sectors in the roll-out of Industry 4.0, in particular by sharing the unit's sensor and modelling expertise


Developing innovative, rapid and sustainable analytical methods.


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