06 December 2021

Recognition of the CRA-W for its expertise in near infrared spectroscopy

At the 20th International Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy - ICNIRS conference, our colleague Vincent Baeten received the Tomas Hirschfeld Award 2021.

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This prize is awarded in recognition of a significant contribution in the field of near infrared spectroscopy. It is awarded on the basis of excellence in research carried out by an internationally renowned scientist. 

Vincent Baeten’s research, which he conducted in conjunction with enthusiastic colleagues, was primarily focussed on the demonstration and validation of near infrared microscopy in the detection of processed animal proteins in compound feeds. This pioneering work in near infrared microscopy is part of the reason why the CRA-W has been recognised as European Union Reference Laboratory for Animal Proteins (EURL-AP) since 2006. The work led to the installation, at the CRA-W in 2001, of one of the first hyperspectral near infrared imaging systems, dedicated to the laboratory analysis of food and feed. This technology has been demonstrated as an elegant solution to the detection of animal particles of various species, and provides a complete screening of compound feed ingredients. Further studies have subsequently helped, and are still helping, to demonstrate the potential of spectroscopy and near infrared imaging technologies in the detection of contaminants and botanical impurities. 

The award was presented by Pierre Dardenne (President of the ICNIRS 2009-2013, now retired from the CRA-W), and Stef D'Espallier (Foss company), during a ceremony that took place in Belgium and was broadcast online during the NIR 2021 conference organised by our Chinese colleagues.


For further information: https://www.icnirs.org

Pierre Dardenne (President of the ICNIRS 2009-2013) (right) and Stef D'Espallier, Regional Sales Director of FOSS Benelux (left) as sponsor of the award, presenting the award to Vincent Baeten (centre) .

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