Current phytosanitary problems

  • (1977). Current phytosanitary problems. Fruit Belge, 45: (377),
Type Journal Article
Year 1977
Title Current phytosanitary problems
Journal Fruit Belge
Recnumber 98
Volume 45
Issue 377
Endnote Keywords apples|PEARS|diseases|fruit crops|pests|reviews|fruit trees|plum pox|
Abstract Short papers in this special issue on fruit crop protection include: Current problems posed by apple and pear canker [Nectria galligena], by W. Porreye and A. Sansdrap; The entomological situation in Belgian orchards at the beginning of 1977, by G. Vanwetswinkel; Clearwing moth (Synanthedon myopaeformis), a new apple pest, by G. Vanwetswinkel and A. Soenen; New studies on disease resistance in apple and pear, by C. Populer; and Sharka virus (plum pox) of Prunus trees, by C. Maroquin.
Notes Cited Reference Count: 23 ref. Journal article French 7 pl.
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