Extension of rhizomania in 1995

  • Wauters, A. , Maraite, H. & Steyer, S. (1996). Extension of rhizomania in 1995. Betteravier (Bruxelles), 30: (314),
Type Journal Article
Year 1996
Title Extension of rhizomania in 1995
Journal Betteravier (Bruxelles)
Recnumber 12
Volume 30
Issue 314
Endnote Keywords plant diseases|plant pathogens|disease resistance|sugarbeet|symptoms|yield losses|varietal reactions|crop losses|sugar crops|plant pathology|beet necrotic yellow vein furovirus|Furovirus|
Abstract Rhizomania (caused by beet necrotic yellow vein furovirus) first appeared in Belgium in 1984. Its spread was slow at first, but appeared to accelerate from 1992. Factors affecting this increasingly rapid spread are discussed: they include intensification of sugarbeet cultivation and 2 exceptionally hot, dry summers. Symptoms are described and illustrated, examples are given of yield and economic losses caused by infection, and notes are given on transmission by soil and water, and on diagnosis by ELISA and bioassay. The use of tolerant cultivars represents the only control measure available, and results are given of trials in which yields and economic gains of tolerant and susceptible cultivars were compared. Finally, cultural measures aimed at preventing outbreaks are described.
Notes Journal article French
Author address Institut Royal Belge pour l'Amelioration de la Betterave, Tienen, Belgium.
Lien ://19971000838
Authors Wauters, A., Maraite, H., Steyer, S.