Methods of control of pests of stored grain in Belgium

  • Schiffers, B. , Haubruge, E. , Mahaut, T. & Detraux, M. (1990). Methods of control of pests of stored grain in Belgium. Parasitica, 46: (4),
Type Journal Article
Year 1990
Title Methods of control of pests of stored grain in Belgium
Journal Parasitica
Recnumber 284
Volume 46
Issue 4
Endnote Keywords Stored products|Stored products pests|Chemical control|Insecticides|Cereal grains|arthropod pests|control|Biological control|Grain|insect pests|Cereals|application methods|beneficial insects|biodeterioration|pest control|agricultural entomology|
Abstract The control of arthropod pests of stored grain in Belgium is described. Twelve species were recorded, with Sitophilus granarius, Tyrophagus sp. and Tribolium confusum being the most common. Preventative, physical, genetic, biological and alternative control methods are outlined. The basis for chemical control is described and pesticides available in Belgium for the control of stored products pests are listed. Formulations and application methods are given and the persistence and stability of active ingredients are discussed.
Notes Cited Reference Count: 47 ref. Journal article French
Author address Unite de Chimie Analytique & Phytopharmacie, Faculte des Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux, 5030 Gembloux, Belgium.
Lien ://19921162045
Authors Schiffers, B., Haubruge, E., Mahaut, T., Detraux, M.