Occurrence of bymo- and furoviruses on wheat in Belgium

  • Vaïanopoulos, C. , Legrève, A. , Moreau, V. , Steyer, S. , Maraite, H. & Bragard, C. (2005). Occurrence of bymo- and furoviruses on wheat in Belgium. Parasitica, 61: (1), 47-54.
Type Journal Article
Year 2005
Title Occurrence of bymo- and furoviruses on wheat in Belgium
Journal Parasitica
Recnumber 683
Volume 61
Issue 1
Pages 47-54
Type of article PSR
Abstract The occurrence of Furovirus such as Soil-borne cereal mosaic virus and related virus species, and Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus in Belgium was assessed by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reactions. A broad-spectrum RT-PCR protocol was developed for Furovirus detection, using three primer pairs, which target the 3'-UTR of RNA-1 and RNA-2 or the 5' region of RNA-1, common to several species of Furovirus such as the SBCMV and the Soil-borne wheat mosaic virus. No cross-reaction with soil-borne Bymovirus such as Barley mild mosaic virus, Barley yellow mosaic virus and WSSMV was observed. The primers designed for WSSMV detection target a conserved sequence of the coat protein gene conserved amongst different isolates from Canada, France, Germany, Italy and the USA. No product was amplified with SBCMV and SBWMV, frequently associated with WSSMV disease, or with bymoviruses on barley, BaMMV and BaYMV. These RT-PCR methods enabled a more sensitive detection of furoviruses and WSSMV than ELISA. They allowed the detection of these viruses in wheat plants showing mosaic symptoms collected in Belgian fields. Their incidence in Belgium was evaluated in bait plants (wheat cvs. Cezanne and Savannah, rye cv. Halo) grown in 104 Belgian soil samples. The Furovirus and WSSMV were detected in 30 and 32% of the soils, respectively.
Authors Vaïanopoulos, C., Legrève, A., Moreau, V., Steyer, S., Maraite, H., Bragard, C.