Production of viable oospores by Phytophthora ramorum.

  • Boutet, X. & Chandelier, A. (2007). Production of viable oospores by Phytophthora ramorum. Poster in: 4th IUFRO meeting, Monterey (California), Monterey (California), 08/2007.
Type Poster
Year 2007
Title Production of viable oospores by Phytophthora ramorum.
Event name 4th IUFRO meeting, Monterey (California)
Event location Monterey (California)
Recnumber 735
Event date 08/2007
Type of poster Scientifique - recherche
Abstract Phytophthora ramorum (Werres, De Cock, Man in?t Veld) is a heterothallic species. Initial pairing studies revealed that all European isolates were of A1 type while all American isolates were of A2 type. Recently, three Belgian isolates were identified as European A2 while some A1 isolates were reported in American nurseries, therefore suggesting some possible crossing between both mating types. However, attempts to produce oospores in vitro with classical methods were difficult compared to other heterothallic species, therefore suggesting a weak functionality of the sexual system in this Phytophthora species. The aim of this study was to optimize the production of oospores in vitro, to evaluate their viability, and to characterize the progeny.
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Author address Walloon Agricultural Research Centre - Rue de Liroux 4 - 5030 Gembloux
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Authors Boutet, X., Chandelier, A.

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