VISA: passport for precision in agriculture

Posted on 30 mai 2017 Posted by Quentin LIMBOURG
CRAW-info Precision agriculture
A wide range of innovative and promising applications of precision agriculture (PA) is available to farmers. However, many of these techniques have not been validated regionally and it can be… Read more

Collaboration on the digestive health of newly weaned piglets

Posted on 30 mai 2017 Posted by Sandrine DUFOURNY
CRAW-info copropig pig
Within the framework of the COPROPIG project, the CRA-W and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Liège (FMV – FARAH) are working together to develop an innovative… Read more

Pesticides: more technical inspections equals lower risk?

Posted on 30 mai 2017 Posted by Marie STAS
CRAW-info spraying
Time, wear and tear, lack of maintenance... it’s so easy for something to go wrong! And when it comes to pesticide application equipment (PAE), leakage or improper dosing poses a… Read more

Evaluation of the sustainability of Walloon cereal resources use

Posted on 30 mai 2017 Posted by Florence VAN STAPPEN
Walloon cereals are currently used mainly for animal feed (45%). For example, due to small field sizes, climate conditions and insufficient financial rewards for meeting food quality standards, virtually all… Read more

Our grasslands– an asset for the biodiversity of agroecosystems

Posted on 30 mai 2017 Posted by Morgane CAMPION
CRAW-info bioecosys
The CRA-W highlights the importance of grassland managementto increase floral diversity, and hence ecosystem services. In sustainable and multifunctional agriculture, it is essential to reconcile provisioningand regulating services. Read more

Improving our knowledge of cereal varieties in order to give personalised advice

Posted on 7 mars 2017 Posted by Guillaume JACQUEMIN
CRAW-info varieties
In a fast-changing agricultural sector, use of the varietal factor is a key to successfully adapting to new climatic and societal conditions. Read more

Terahertz: a unique photonics technology for the agri-food sector

Posted on 7 mars 2017 Posted by Ouissam ABBAS
In recent years, photonics has played an important role in providing rapid, non-destructive methods and instantaneous measurements in agri-food sector. The development of terahertz (THz) spectroscopy represents a new solution. Read more

The linear planner: a tool for sow management on organic farms

Posted on 7 mars 2017 Posted by Xavier KINIF
As a kind of memory tool for the farmer, the linear planner makes it possible to see at a glance what jobs need to be done, organise the work, raise… Read more

Grazing management in organic farming

Posted on 7 mars 2017 Posted by Anne-Michelle FAUX
CRAW-info bio
Good grazing management is essential for parasite control in heifers in organic farming. Read more

Fifty years of in vitro culture work at the CRA-W

Posted on 7 mars 2017 Posted by Pascal GEERTS
In vitro culture CRAW-info
The CRA-W’s expertise as a reference laboratory for in vitro culture has been built up over the decades and continues to allow us to develop the applications sought by the… Read more