Improving the nutritional quality of milk while reducing its environmental footprint New

21 nov. 2017 - 21 nov. 2020 Posted by Adeline LEFEVRE
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CRA-W and UCL have developed a dietary concept that helps to improve the quality of milk (fatty acids, vitamins and polyphenols) while limiting methane emissions and nitrogen discharges from cows. Read more

Controlling the quality of cereal seed treatment New

21 nov. 2017 - 21 nov. 2020 Posted by Philippe VERMEULEN
The treatment of seeds with plant protection products is strongly advised to fight different plant diseases and pests in early stages of plant growth. But which analytical methods are used… Read more

CRA-W is equipping Wallonia with 16,000 virtual weather stations New

21 nov. 2017 - 21 nov. 2020 Posted by Damien ROSILLON
Within the framework of AGROMET, CRA-W is currently setting up a network of 16,000 virtual weather stations to provide parcels with agricultural warnings. The production launch is planned for 2020. Read more

BELCAM: Collaborative web platform combining 'farmsourcing' and remote sensing New

21 nov. 2017 - 21 nov. 2020 Posted by Dimitri GOFFART
farmsourcing belcam
Current innovations in space-based remote sensing are at the basis of a flurry of new platforms aimed at monitoring agricultural parcels in order to advise farmers on cultivation practices. CRA-W… Read more

Developing a decision support tool to prevent water being polluted by plant protection products New

21 nov. 2017 - 21 nov. 2020 Posted by Alexandre MAUGNARD
It will soon be possible to define areas at risk of transfer of plant protection products (PPP) via runoff waters and percolation using simplified indicators, thus avoiding the pollution of… Read more

Three orchard/arable pilot projects monitored by CRA-W New

21 nov. 2017 - 21 nov. 2020 Posted by Laurent JAMAR
organic farming
For more than five years, CRA-W has been participating in the design and scientific monitoring of several organic orchard/arable agroforestry systems in Wallonia. These projects are based on recent scientific… Read more

Free range hens…for better eggs

Posted on 25 sept. 2017 Posted by Victoria TOSAR
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Have you ever given much thought to the quality of eggs? Are you aware that they contain substances which are beneficial to your health? The CRA-W takes a closer look… Read more

Varieties: a decisive factor in the success of organic crops

Posted on 25 sept. 2017 Posted by Morgan ABRAS
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In organic agriculture (OA), the key to success lies in prevention, an area in which the choice of varieties is of paramount importance. Read more

WatchITgrow: a revolutionary leap forward for the Belgian potato industry!

Posted on 25 sept. 2017 Posted by Yannick CURNEL
Potato Precision agriculture
With a potato production rate of around 400 tonnes per 1,000 inhabitants, Belgium is the fourth largest producer in the world. Better still, in terms of yield and volume of… Read more

Sieving pig and poultry feed at the CRA-W

Posted on 25 sept. 2017 Posted by José WAVREILLE
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Granulometric analysis is an analytical tool available at the CRA-W to improve the technical and zootechnical qualities of pig and poultry feed. Read more