Near Infrared microscopy (NIRM)

  • Fernández Pierna, J.A. , Baeten, V. , Boix, A. , Von Holst, C. , Perez Marin, D. & Garrido Varo, A. (2012). Near Infrared microscopy (NIRM) In: Detection, identification and quantification of processed animal proteins in feedingstuffs, Jorgensen J.S., Baeten V. Namur, Les presses Universitaires de Namur, 81-91.
Type Book Section
Year 2012
Chapter title Near Infrared microscopy (NIRM)
Book title Detection, identification and quantification of processed animal proteins in feedingstuffs
Editor Jorgensen J.S., Baeten V.
City Namur
Publisher Les presses Universitaires de Namur
Label U15-1621-Fernandez-2012
Pages 81-91
Isbn 978-2-87551-029-7
Project/Service ref Safeed Pap
Abstract The evolution of the different rules about forbidden and authorized raw materials in feed formulation requires developing and continuously adapting the methods used for the detection of illicit ingredients. Different studies carried out during the last years have permitted the development of techniques like the NIR microscopy (NIRM) based on spectroscopy. This methodology combines the optical microscopy and the spectroscopic benefi ts. Moreover, it allows the analysis of a larger number of samples per unit of time than with optical microscopy and the recognition does not depend on the expertise of the analyst. Based on studies performed in the framework of the SAFEED-PAP project, the aim of this chapter is to give the readers an overview of the NIRM technique applied to the discrimination of the species origin of animal protein by-products (APBs) in feeds
Author address
Authors Fernández Pierna, J.A., Baeten, V., Boix, A., Von Holst, C., Perez Marin, D., Garrido Varo, A.


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