13 July 2020

Plant protection products (PPP) analyses on treated seeds

For the authorisation of plant protection products used for seed treatment. For the quality control of the seed treatments.

In accordance with (EC) 1107/2009, (EU) 283/2013, (EU) 284/2013 regulations and WHO recommendations.

In compliance with the OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

  • Validation of analytical methods

SANCO 3030/99

Specificity, linearity of detector response, accuracy (recoveries and efficacy of extraction), repeatability, limit of quantification (LOQ), stability of pesticides in standard and sample solutions.

  • Full studies according to the EU and CRD / HSE Data Requirements
    • Treatment of the seeds (Hege 11 apparatus)
    • Receipt, preparation and storage of seeds before analysis
    • Validation of analytical method
    • Determination of plant protection products on treated seeds
    • Adhesion to treated seeds and seed loading (CIPAC MT 194)
    • Seed-to-seed uniformity of distribution (CIPAC MT 175)
    • Heubach test (dust content)
    • Long term storage of treated seeds (18 months)
  • Plant protection products analyses on treated seeds
  • Management of multi-site studies as Study Director or collaboration to multi-sites studies as Field or Analytical Principal Investigator

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Patricia De Vos
Olivier Pigeon (Test Facility Manager)
Vanessa Hérion (Quality Assurance)


Treated seeds Laboratory