Identification of aphids attacking strawberries in Belgium

  • Jansen, J.P. & Warnier, A.M. (2005). Identification of aphids attacking strawberries in Belgium. Comm. Appl. Biol. Sci, Ghent University, 70: (4), 661-662.
Type Journal Article
Year 2005
Title Identification of aphids attacking strawberries in Belgium
Journal Comm. Appl. Biol. Sci, Ghent University
Label jansen 2005 tap 554
Recnumber 645
Volume 70
Issue 4
Pages 661-662
Type of article PSR
Abstract Several aphid species are considered as strawberry pest. A long list of species is known on strawberries, but main problems are related to a limited number of species as Acyrtosiphon rogesii, Aphis gossypii, Aulacorthum solani, Chaetosiphon fragaefolii, Macrosiphum euphorbiae and Myzus persicae (Sterk & Meesters, 1997, Robbe, 2001, Marrec et al., 2002, Trouve et al., 2002). Rhodobium porosum has also be mentioned in France in 2002 (Trottin-Caudal, 2002). In 2003, Strawberry producers of the South part of Belgium have encountered severe aphid problems despite of repeated applications with pirimicarb, lambda-cyhalothrine and bifenthrine, the three insecticide registered in Belgium to control aphids in strawberries. A possible resistance to insecticide of one or more aphid strawberry species was supected and as little information was available on species encountered, an idenfication program was initiated in 2004 to identify aphid species and especially those than cannot be successfully controlled by insecticides, in order to adapt chemical control methods and/ or develop alternative aphid control programmes.
Authors Jansen, J.P., Warnier, A.M.