Information management and communication system inside the EU integrated project "TRACE": the intranet

  • Vermeulen, P. , Lofthouse, J. , Brereton, P. , Smith, J. & Baeten, V. (2006). Information management and communication system inside the EU integrated project "TRACE": the intranet. Poster in: TRACE 2nd annual meeting: Traceability and the consumer, Prague, 24-25/04/2006.
Type Poster
Year 2006
Title Information management and communication system inside the EU integrated project "TRACE": the intranet
Event name TRACE 2nd annual meeting: Traceability and the consumer
Event location Prague
Label U15-0557-vermeulen-2006
Recnumber 541
Event date 24-25/04/2006
Type of poster scientifique, recherche
Endnote keywords RA-CRA-W 2005-2006 Pr-TRACE Th-Qualité, traçabilité et sécurité alimentaire Di-Informatique Do-Alimentation humaine
Endnote Keywords internet; computer systems; information systems
Abstract The multidisciplinary (geochemistry, statistics, molecular biology, social sciences, information management) nature, the international partnership (17 countries) and the large amount of information (13 Work packages involving over 250 personnel) to be managed in a European integrated project such as TRACE, require the development of a sophisticated and fully functional information management system. To achieve this objective, an intranet has been created. This system is built based on the work developed within the FP5 STRATFEED project. To implement the intranet, the Microsoft Windows Share Point Services 2003 release 2.0 has been selected. The main objective of this tool is to provide a place where the TRACE project team can communicate, share documents and work together. To ensure the confidentiality of the information and data, a website secure server certificate (SSL128) has been installed and personal logins and passwords have been delivered to each TRACE partner giving him access rights depending of his function in the project. To facilitate the communication between partners, different tools and functions are available as TRACE mailing lists, alert system and discussion boards. The intranet is accessible from the public website or directly on The home page proposes to the TRACE partners 8 main topics: announcements regarding the management of the project, events regarding TRACE work meetings, work area for work package, common document libraries, deliverables to follow up the work progress, lists gathering information about each partner and institute as well as information for the public website, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and useful links. To help the coordination team in the management of the project, MS Enterprise Project Management package (EPM) was installed and is currently being assessed.
Author address Vermeulen Philippe, Quality Department of Agro-food Products, Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA-W), Chaussée de Namur, 24, B-5030 Gembloux,
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Authors Vermeulen, P., Lofthouse, J., Brereton, P., Smith, J., Baeten, V.