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Ir. Philippe VERMEULEN is research engineer at the Valorisation of Agricultural Products Department at the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA-W, Gembloux - Belgium). He got in 1988 his Engineer degree in Agricultural Sciences from the Catholic University of Louvain. During ten years, he worked in a breeding private company (Hybritech-Monsanto) on a European research program in hybrid wheat. Since 2001, he works in CRA-W, inside Quality and authentication of agricultural products Unit. He is involved in the development of spectroscopic methods for the control on-line of agro-food products and feed. He is also working in several studies to assess the quality of those products in the field, in the farm, in the greenhouse, in orchard and in the food/feed companies. He is also involved as dissemination officer through several European projects (Stratfeed 2001-2004; Trace 2005-2009; Conffidence 2008-2012) and networks (ICNIRS 2008-; EURL-AP 2007- ; Feedsafety 2007- ).
Walprot projet


Déploiement de la filière des protéines végétales et alternatives en Wallonie

Philippe VERMEULEN Responsable de projets
Vermeulen, P.

Les satellites, l'outil de demain pour le suivi de nos cultures…

Dans ce contexte, le projet SPAGHYTI vise à valoriser des images satellitaires hyperspectrales pour suivre le statut azoté et les stress (a)biotiques à l’échelle des parcelles wallonnes...

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