15 January 2021

Quality control of biocides used in public health

Physical-chemical studies of insecticides according to WHO and FAO specifications.

  • Determination of the physical and chemical properties and storage stability of insecticides used in public health and against locust invasions.
  • Performance and verification of all physical and chemical criteria required by WHO and FAO specifications:
    • Active substances and impurities content, pH/acidity, suspensibility, spontaneity of dispersion, free active substance content, active substance release rate, etc.
    • Stability after accelerated storage at low and high temperature, freeze/thaw cycle.
    • Report and verification of the conformity of the obtained results with the limits of WHO and FAO specifications.
  • Development and validation of analytical methods for active substances and impurities in biocides according to EU, OECD and CIPAC Guidelines

Specificity, linearity of detector response, accuracy (recoveries), repeatability, reproducibility, limit of detection (LOD), limit of quantification (LOQ)

Practical modalities



Marie Baes
Olivier Pigeon (Scientific Director)


Quality control of biocides Laboratory