13 July 2020

Physical-chemical analyses of insecticidal treated substrates

Study of the physical-chemical properties and active substances and synergist content of insecticidal nets and other treated substrates.

  • Development and validation of analytical methods for determination of active substances and/or synergist content in insecticidal nets (and other substrates).
  • Physical-chemical characterisation of Long-Lasting insecticidal Nets (LNs):
    • Appearance (visual description)
    • Total active substance content
    • Isomers or impurities content
    • Fabric weight (mass of net per m²)
    • Within-net and between-net distribution of the active substance
    • Active substance wash resistance (retention/release characteristics)
    • Accelerated and long-term storage stability
    • Physical tests (sub-contracting to a WHO recommended laboratory)
  • Quality control of Long-Lasting insecticidal Nets (LNs) according to WHO specifications
  • Pesticides analyses on other treated substrates: filter papers, wall scrapings, tarpaulins, textiles, …

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