Frédéric VANWINDEKENS Bio-ingénieur


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I graduated in bio-engineering with a specialization in soil sciences from UCL (2004). My work experience is in education (teacher, teaching assistant), consultancy (environmental pollution) and agricultural research (CRA-W/UCL). As a researcher I focused on the study of people’s practices in socio-ecological systems: For my MSc thesis I explored the links between micro-finance, farmers’ equipment and soil degradation in the cotton area of Mali; in conjunction with an economist. For my PhD thesis (UCL/CRA-W, 2014) I developed a systems approach for modelling practices and applied it to studying complexity and diversity in grassland management (livestock grazing systems, Belgium). Now, my projects are linked to climate change, vulnerability of farms and resilience of farmers, soil management
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Le sol est une des principales composantes des agroécosystèmes

Le sol, un élément des agroécosystèmes en étroite relation avec les défis de notre temps.

Frédéric VANWINDEKENS Bio-ingénieur
Vanwindekens, F.
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